William E. Grady Career and Technical High School

Project work included the demolition of an existing carpentry shop to allow for the creation of 2,000 S.F. Science Laboratory containing interior preparation room, soapstone acid closet, epoxy flooring, and computer area. Work included interior demolition of carpentry shop and acid tank, installation of new casework with epoxy resin tops, new fume hoods, 20 ton roof top chiller, new gas lines for casework, fume hoods and chiller, new soapstone acid closet, new exhaust fans to support fume hoods and acid closets, new acid tank, new eyewash stations, new computer work area and associated electrical work.

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Harry S. Truman High School

Custom TV recording studio with editing lab and control room. Work included asbestos abatement, installation of 20 ton air conditioning unit on roof, new acoustic partitions, lighting, flooring, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

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PS 332, 51 Christopher Street, Brooklyn, New York

Conversion of two existing classrooms to state-of-the-art Science Lab, preparation and storage rooms. The work on this project includes, but is not limited to interior demolition, asbestos abatement, new electrical power and lighting through out the project. Casework includes Epoxy Resin countertops, marker boards, and an overhead projection system.

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PS 321, 180 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Three part project included the demolition and replacement of 7,800 S.F. of existing metal siding, 56 windows and associated window guards, installation of a new underground drainage system and concrete barriers to control rainwater runoff into adjacent properties and installation of an ADA compliant access ramp for the mini school.

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PS 214, 2944 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Replacement of lighting fixtures, associated wiring and controls in the auditorium; spot lights, border lights and associated wiring; raceways and boxes. The work on this project includes replacement of lighting panel, power panels, dimming system and associated devices. The work in this project also contains replacement of vinyl flooring, decorative plaster restoration, cleaning and painting auditorium ceiling; new stage curtains, seat repair and replacement.

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